Images by Rhys Pope Photography

Images by Rhys Pope Photography


People with various mental health concerns are able access 10 counselling sessions per calendar year by getting a Mental Health Care Plan from the doctor. Contact your doctor or refer to the following link for a Medicare fact sheet

Bulk Billing available through the practice for veterans, health care, concession and pension card holders.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

A number of organisations offer access to counselling for workplace or personal problems.  Contact your workplace to find out whether you have access to this service. 

Workers Compensation

Registered psychologists provide treatment to injured workers to support people in returning to the work. For further information contact your doctor or access the WorkCover NSW website.

Victims Counselling

If you have been a victim of crimes such as domestic violence, robbery, sexual or physical assault you may be eligible to receive counselling. For more information access the Victims Services website.

Private Health Insurers

Certain health insurance policies cover psychological treatment. Contact your health insurance provider to find out whether you are eligible.