What happens when I go to a psychologist?

During the first session the changes that you may wish to make in your life are discussed and how psychological treatment may be able to assist this process.

A comprehensive psychological assessment is conducted over the first few sessions and you may be asked to complete psychometric measures to assist with treatment.

Images by Rhys Pope Photography

Images by Rhys Pope Photography

A plan to help guide treatment for future sessions is discussed and referrals to other professionals may be provided.

As the treatment process continues regular reviews of treatment progress are discussed and any barriers to you achieving your goals is considered.

It is recommended that you discuss any problems or questions that you may have during the treatment process. This allows you to maximise any benefits that you receive from treatment and deepen your understanding of the treatment process.

People typically attend 6-12 sessions in a treatment period on average. This depends on the complexity of the problems that you wish to work on. Some people choose to continue to address certain problems over an extended period of time.


How does the Medicare rebate for psychological services work?

People are able to access 10 counselling sessions per calendar year by obtaining a Mental Health Care Plan from their doctor.  To access the rebate from Medicare clients need to pay the practice fee and then claim the session through Medicare to receive money back.    

Central West Psychology also offers bulk billing to clients who receive government benefits such as veterans, health care and concession card holders. Bulk billing means that Medicare covers the total cost to receive treatment.

For more information please ask your doctor or contact the practice.